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It's time to build your dream team.

Finding the perfect fit for your business can be a challenge! At Fetcha, we take pride in our ability to match talented specialists, in the cloud and technology sector, to the cloud roles you're looking to fill. Together, we'll build your dream team.

What's next?

We've made the Fetcha journey as simple as possible, turning the headache of head hunting into an enjoyable experience for all parties. Here's how:

Agree terms

You'll have a friendly call with our team, where we'll run through the roles you require, as well as discuss terms.

Fetcha search

We'll match your requirements with our database of new job seekers, identifying the specialists that fit.

Secure placement

Once interviews are complete and a specialist is secured, we'll assist with a smooth onboarding to your business.


We offer some fantastic aftercare. We'll let you know what they are and how they can benefit your business.

Interview support

As your chosen talent provider, we'll do all the heavy lifting, organising the time and place for introductions and interviews.

Sourcing sorted

We recognise the skill and experience our candidates bring. That's why we make sure finding the right placement fits in with your business goals and aspirations.

Culture fit

When you need us, we're here! Our team work around your schedule, providing candidates that fit into your business, it's ethos and values.

Guidance & support

If you have questions, we have the answers. We'll work with you to define onboarding processes, new starter guidance and provide helpful tips for retainment.

Aftercare like no other

Our service doesn't come to an end once we've found the best hire for your business. Our specialist team are trained in analysing and improving staff retention across businesses worldwide, as well as offering a wide variety of training courses with our official partners, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Supercharging, our operations

"Fetcha have been a great partner to work with. Always looking for ways to help me grow my business and approaching every requirements as an exciting challenge!"

Harry Cheslaw

Autone Co-Founder, Y Combinator Startup

What are you waiting for?
Build your dream team with Fetcha.

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