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Are Career Certification Programs Worth It?

Certifications. Assessments. Training Modules. What are they? How are they useful? What do they show a potential employer? Do colleagues and co-workers actually care about these?

All valid questions to ask when we look at the sheer scale of technical and cloud based assessments available. The simple answer would be:

Yes – Certification Programs are certainly worth it!

Thanks for reading today’s Fetcha insight, we’ll see you again… only messing! We wouldn’t just end it there. Yes is the answer, but the reason why will change depending on the audience of your achievements as well as your own personal goals.

We’ll be looking at the answer to this question based on our priority view, the view of a potential employer. As Fetcha specialises in placing talented individuals into roles that fit their expertise and career drive, we’ll see what types of courses and accreditation programs are best to highlight your talent.

The good, the great and the downright desirable

The best of the best, AKA The Desirables. These programs are accepted worldwide and can have a significant impact on how your skill and knowledge is perceived to employers around the world. Typical examples of these would be Amazon Web Services (AWS) Official Accreditations.

AWS Courses and training programs are made with the sole purpose to test an individuals cloud knowledge, advanced expertise and ultimate ability when using AWS tools and services. As AWS continues to be the dominant leader in cloud provider services, having the ability to showcase a wealth of programs and certificates is extremely beneficial to your career avenues and choices, not to mention negotiated salary expectations. Some of the most highly sought after certifications by employers across 2021 (according to these sources) include:

• AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level

• AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Level

• AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level

• AWS Certified Security – Speciality Level

Next on the hit list, Microsoft Certified Azure programs. Another downright desirable. Similar to AWS, Microsoft have a variety of extensive certificate programs that are widely recognised as showcasing an individuals knowledge and level of ability when working with the second highest rated cloud provider. Top courses that are in demand from worldwide tech firms (according to these recent sources) would be:

• Microsoft Azure Administrator

• Microsoft Azure Developer

• Microsoft Azure Security Engineer

• Microsoft Azure AI Engineer

• Microsoft Azure Data Scientist

After Microsoft, there are more specified, as well as generic, accreditations which stand out when listed on your CV, these include; CompTIA Cloud+ and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).

Off the beaten track

Whilst technical accredited programs are the best in manifesting more interest from an employer, don’t overlook other highly sought after career certifications.

Programs or certificates which demonstrate leadership abilities, as well as other defining characteristics are quickly becoming more prevalent when an employer looks to fill more senior or experienced roles. Here are the certificates that we’d recommend chasing down if this area seems of interest to you:

• Leadership, Management and IT Consulting – We’d recommend browsing some of the available courses over at Prospects. These courses can tie in with any role where you’re supporting, training or mentoring entry level team members. They also lend themselves to roles far across the spectrum, helping make larger career shifts in the future, should you wish to. 

Right for you?

Ultimately, the choice is for you to decide. But at Fetcha, we’d certainly recommend pursuing accredited courses that fit with your aspirations and career path. Why not get in touch with us and find out more about the AWS Training Programs we provide. As an official AWS Training Partner, we have a skilled and specialised team available to help plan and deliver the courses that will have the most impact on your future in the cloud. 

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