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Fetcha - 3 reasons why you should look to a recruiter for your next job

3 Reasons Why You Should Look to a Recruiter for Your Next Job

The time has come! Perhaps you’ve been in your role for a number of years and you’ve started to drift to a new search tab, seeing ‘what else’ is out there. Maybe you’ve been studying a selection of cloud specific courses and now you’re ready to get some real life (and paid) experience in a cloud role.

Whatever the reason, you will undoubtedly come to a cross roads where you face the choice. Do I go at it alone, scouring the job boards, hunting through company hiring areas, or do I get some help? For some, it’s an easy choice, as they know that 2,3,4 or 5 heads is better than 1. For others, they see recruiters as a bit of an unknown, not sure whether to give a bit of scope and control to an entity that is, essentially, finding a career path for you which will have life altering effects.

We get it, it’s a tough choice. But one that any and all cloud talent will have to face, more than once, throughout their careers. In this post, we’ll look at our honest reasons why we believe working with a specialised recruiter (like Fetcha), is the smarter choice.

No.1 - It's our 'bread and butter'

The more you do something, the better you become at it. That’s usually the case with most things in life. Experience breeds knowledge, and knowledge helps attain perfection. Now we’re not perfect, by no means. But we are experienced, and therefore knowledgeable in the ecosystem of the cloud and technology sector. We work with businesses and skilled individuals, providing a ‘matchmaking’ service which can only work if both parties are happy. That service means that we have an extremely good understanding of what roles are commonly needed, which companies are seeking specific talent like yourself, and most importantly, how to bridge the gap and speed up recruitment processes like no other. We can let you know about a role that’s just released. We can find the companies that offer the hybrid lifestyle or the flexibility in training you desire. And we can do it because that’s what we do – everyday. 

No.2 - Our foot's already in the door

As a recruiter, it’s always our mission to make sure that we place the right people with the right company. We want our job seekers (or tribe of talent, as we like to call them) to be happy in their new roles, prosper and grow. Equally, we want the businesses that we hire for, to build dream teams that make an obvious and valuable impact to their own clients. With this relationship, it means we already have a wide selection of contacts and connections that help you find a position that fit’s faster. The businesses that we work with trust us, which means that when people that we’ve previously placed are looking to expand their teams, they know that they can call us to see who we have that’s available and suitable. You won’t find that level of service on an Indeed job board. 

No.3 - We're forward thinkers

When we reach out to people through an email, phone call or LinkedIn message, it’s not always for a role that’s available right now. In fact, the majority of the time, we’re looking for cloud specialists, beginners in the cloud ecosystem or people with promise. It’s these people that will one day be game changers in the world of the cloud, and it’s people like you that fuel our passion as a specialist recruitment company. We think ahead to what could happen, what may be on the horizon, and then reach out when we see a role that is perfect for you. It might be tomorrow or 6 months from now. We also know our place when you’re happy in your role and don’t want to be contacted. We’re not all looking for advancement 24/7, but when you are, we’ve got the time, contacts and hot roles that you’d want to know more about. 

What are your thoughts?

Now it may appear like we’re trying to persuade you that you need us to find you a new job. You don’t. But, having a team like Fetcha by your side can dramatically open up possibilities, connections and relationships, which are at times, unattainable through going solo and hunting through the job boards. As always, our team is available to talk to, should you wish to embark on a journey with us. Reach out here and we’ll be in touch.

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