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Fetcha at Queen Mary University

Fetcha Meets the Students of Queen Mary University at the AWS Job Fair

On Monday 17th October, the Fetcha team were invited to exhibit at the first in-person Amazon Web Services (AWS) Job Fair event since the COVID lockdown. The venue for this year was the esteemed Queen Mary University in London. Queen Mary has been a highly respected institution for over 200 years, with it’s foundations dating back to 1785. The Mile End campus, where this year’s AWS Job Fair was held, is the largest self-contained campus of any London based university, with a diverse selection of students studying courses that translate well towards cloud and specialist technology roles.

For this event, Fetcha were joined by some of the Firemind specialist team. Firemind are an Advanced AWS Partner that assists Fetcha when hiring specialist roles, as well as offering entry to mid-level positions to talented cloud and IT professionals. Together, we met with around 600 students, all aspiring to be cloud and IT specialists, and each with varying degrees of practical experience, areas of specialisation and knowledge.

Fetcha and Firemind team - Image 1

This was the first time Fetcha had been involved with an in-person job fair, and it was safe to say, our messaging and mission was well received by the attendees. We met with PhD students with varied professional backgrounds in areas such as AI/ML and Big Data. We welcomed students of the AWS re/Start program, helping them understand what the next steps would be after their December 2022 completion. The Fetcha team also guided those who simply weren’t sure which path to take after their studies were over. Providing tips of how to market themselves and make their experience and passions shine through a CV, updated or first time created LinkedIn profile and more.

Below you’ll find our highlight video of the day, showcasing the venue, attendees and our own team speaking with the students across the afternoon. 

Thanks to our friends over at AWS, for the opportunity to take part in this prestigious university’s job fair. We’d also like to thank the hundreds of students who patiently waited to speak with our team. We were delighted in the turnaround, and also blown away by the sheer quantity and quality of cloud promise that attended the fair. Below you’ll find some of our top pictures from the event. 

Which event should we take part in next?

Now we’ve experienced our first job fair, we’d love to attend more, meeting further students, looking for a dream role in the cloud and technology sector. If you’re a student and think your university would make a great fit, reach out today. We’d love to hear from you. 

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