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Will the real slim shady please stand up - Fetcha Insight - the future of ai in music

Will the Real Slim Shady, Please Stand Up

The constant advancements and discussions around Chat GPT, Artificial Intelligence and the knock on effect they’re having on real world jobs is quickly reaching a climax. Here at Fetcha, we’ve seen a rise in new vacancies, calling for positions such as: Conversational AI Designers, AI Humanising Linguists, Machine Learning/AI Engineers and NLP (Natural Language Processing) Specialists.

In this insight, we’ll be looking specifically at the effects of AI and generative platform, within the music industry, linking to a recent high profile example by the French DJ, David Guetta

Marshall Mathers or not?

Listening to the video above makes it hard to believe that the voice you hear is completely artificially generated, using years of sampled audio tracks by the real (and very human), Marshall Mathers. This technology isn’t anything new, with text to speech facilities emerging well over a decade ago. But what is changing is the quality, speed of access and convincing effect that these artificial voices bring to the entertainment industry.

Just like David Guetta in his Instagram video above, you can visit sites like this one, to generate high quality raps that can incorporate your chosen words or rhymes. You can then get access to a number of free trials and paid platforms, that can turn any lyrics into highly convincing celebrity voices. The time will come where you will no longer need a celebrity singer or entertainer to sing or entertain. You could use thousands of real samples to create artificial words, songs, talks and speeches, then generate an artificial visualisation of the celebrity, on screen at concerts or typical broadcasts online.

We’re giving it a year before we have ‘celebrities’ who are solely AI created, with no living body, and hundreds of thousands of global fans! What are your thoughts?

The rise in AI positions

So for job seekers seeking a future in AI, NLP or ML algorithms, what does all this excitement in the music industry mean to you? Simply put, there are some very intelligent programmers, linguists and data scientists behind all that’s been discussed above. And as advancements in this technology and predictive platforms continues to progress, the need for specialists in these niche areas will be on the rise. Specialists currently within the AI sector are finding more and more opportunities more suited to their professional interests within AI advancement, leaving open positions available when they make the switch.

Take the next step

At Fetcha, we’re here to help you find that dream role. And with AI and ML positions increasing, particularly in the specialised markets mentioned, we’re confident that we can help you find a position that fits. Reach out to our specialist team today to begin your Fetcha journey.

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