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Tips For ‘Quiet Thriving’ In The Workplace

As a specialist cloud and technology recruiter, we understand that the workplace can be challenging for introverted individuals. The fast-paced nature of the industry often requires constant communication, collaboration, and networking, which can be overwhelming for those who thrive in quieter environments. However, we also believe that introverts have unique strengths that can make them valuable contributors to any team. The term, ‘quiet thrivers’, has seen a boost of activity in recent years, as many adopt a more focused and reserved perspective towards heavy workloads and intricate objectives. In this Fetcha insight, we’ll explore how introverts can thrive in cloud and technology roles, as well as how we can help support them in their careers.

Understanding the strengths of introverts in the workplace

Introverts tend to have several strengths that can make them excellent employees in cloud and technology positions. These include:

Deep focus and concentration: Introverts tend to be great at focusing deeply on tasks for extended periods. This can be an asset in cloud and technology roles, where attention to detail and the ability to work on complex projects for extended periods are critical.

Creativity: Many introverts have a rich inner world that fosters creativity and original thinking. This can be beneficial in cloud specific positions, where innovative problem-solving is often required.

Independent work style: Introverts tend to prefer working independently or in smaller groups. This can be an asset, where individual contributions are valued, and there is a need for independent thinking.

Strong listening and observation skills: Introverts tend to be excellent listeners and observers, which can help them pick up on subtle details that others may miss. This skill is often beneficial in identifying problems and finding creative solutions.

Tips for introverts to thrive

Find a work environment that works for you: Not all work environments are created equal. If you find open-plan offices and constant noise distracting, consider finding a work environment that suits you better. This could be a quiet corner of the office or a remote work arrangement that allows you to work from home.

Schedule time for deep work: If you find it challenging to concentrate on complex tasks during regular work hours, schedule time for deep work. This could be early in the morning, after regular work hours, or during the weekend.

Build relationships with colleagues on your terms: Introverts tend to prefer building relationships in small groups or one-on-one. Find colleagues who share similar interests or work styles and build relationships with them on your terms.

Take advantage of your listening and observation skills: As an introvert, you have a natural ability to listen and observe. Use this skill to your advantage by providing more aligned planning, project notes and detailed timeframes. These types of actions won’t go amiss with your employer. 

How Fetcha can help

At Fetcha, we understand the unique challenges that introverts face in cloud and technology roles. That’s why we take a personalised approach to recruitment, working closely with candidates to identify their strengths and matching them with roles that suit their work styles.

We also provide support to candidates throughout their careers, offering AWS training and coaching to help them build the skills they need to succeed in their roles. This could include communication skills, networking skills, or even time management skills.

Introverts have unique strengths that can make them valuable contributors to any team in the cloud. By understanding these strengths and finding ways to thrive in the workplace, introverts can succeed in their careers and make valuable contributions to their organisations. As a recruitment company, we are committed to supporting introverts and helping them find the roles that suit their work styles and strengths. Reach out to our team today for further details.

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