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Fetcha x AWS JAM Event - Summary Post Render

Fetcha and AWS Provide The Next JAM Virtual Training Event

Last week, Fetcha collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the first 2023 quarter JAM event. Our Fetcha team, as well as specialists at the AWS Consultancy Firemind, worked with the training team at AWS to provide a unique, engaging and educational virtual event. Read on for our highlights, more about JAM, and what our attendees had to say.

What is an AWS JAM?

AWS JAMs allow students from across the globe to put their skills to the test in unique and collaborative challenges. These challenges emulate real AWS use-cases across a wide variety of subjects within the AWS cloud landscape. Whilst these events are both in-person and virtual, they tend to follow the same structure every session:

Attendees work to complete challenges across common AWS use-cases and operational tasks to earn points. Competing with rival teams on the day, for the coveted top place on the leaderboard.

Advance your cloud adoption journey by solving challenges designed to teach AWS best practices around security, migration, DevOps, AI/ML, and more. If you’re brand new to AWS, or never used a specific AWS service before, clues are available to help navigate the challenges if needed. AWS experts as well as partner specialists are also on hand to act as facilitators, but the event does focus on self-paced discovery and learning.

Get points for solving challenges using AWS provided infrastructure according to established best practices. Then compare your performance against your peers!

Find out more
We recommend visiting the official webpage for AWS JAMs to find out further details, view upcoming events, as well as refer to their FAQ if you have any questions.

Our JAM Session

Fetcha’s JAM session saw participants flock in from across the UK, as they teamed up in small groups to tackle the day’s challenges. The challenges were split across various locations around the globe, with points ranging from 80 to 150, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the challenge.

Would the attendees go big and aim for the challenges with the most points? Would they split up in their teams and try and cover as many smaller challenges as possible, for the biggest overall score? We saw a mixed approach from the attendees on the day, with some working together to solve the hardest challenges, whilst other participants split up to work on numerous global challenges that tested their research and AWS prowess.

What our attendees had to say

We caught up with Jody-Ann Chambers, a Data Science student at the University of Sussex, to find out what she thought of the AWS x Fetcha JAM.

Leading the way for AWS training

As specialists in IT/Cloud recruitment, as well as an official AWS Training Partner, we were delighted to work alongside our partners on this JAM event. As you heard from Jody-Ann, we were able to deliver real value, experience and a chance to collaborate with like minded individuals, all in the pursuit of a career in the cloud.

If you’d like to know more about our training options and accreditations with AWS, view our page here. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss a career in the cloud with one of our specialists, contact us today.

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